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Image:ieee_ra.gif The chairs of the IEEE-RAS Technical Committee on Telerobotics promote a special issue "New Vistas and Challenges in Telerobotics" in the "Robotics Automation Magazine".


Telerobotics is perhaps one of the oldest fields in robotics research. From its modest beginning in 1940's when the first teleoperator was designed till the 1980’s the focus was on primarily on nuclear, aerospace and underwater applications. The advent of modern communications in the last two decades has lead to the emergence of new applications such as telesurgery, semiautonomous telerobotics, live power line maintenance and robotics education. On the other hand, advances in bilateral controllers are the key points for master-slaves architectures, which are important in precise telemanipulation tasks. This pervasive interest has spawned the development of new controllers, estimation techniques, synchronization algorithms and new communication protocols, etc. for bilateral teleoperation.


This special issue is directed to future vistas and challenges in the field of telerobotics. It includes topics such as telesurgery, semi-autonomous telerobotics, time delay stability, controllers for bilateral teleoperation, user interfaces for telerobotics applications, estimation of wave variables, live line maintenance, manipulation in hazardous environments as well as communication protocols for real-time teleoperation.

Publication date

December 2008

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