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Telerobotics is one of the most traditional fields of robotics. Researchers are continuously developing new control strategies, advanced interfaces and applications. Furthermore telerobotic developments are based on many technologies developed in other technical areas such as speech and gestures recognition (Artificial Intelligence), predictive simulators (Computer Graphics), or human system interfaces (Virtual Reality, Haptics). Furthermore, Internet is now a far reaching medium and it offers the platform for the proliferation of telerobotic applications. All the most important robotics conferences have already established special telerobotics sessions, which reflects the increased interest in this field. The grown interest can also be seen in the increase of publications in the most important journals and magazines such as IEEE Transactions on Robotics and Transactions on Mechatronics.


The Technical Committee aims at concentrating the main achievements and researchers on telerobotics and promoting development of new activities in this field, that is to become a reference point for all people working on Telerobotics. The Technical Committe will organize workshops, special sessions in conferences and special issues on Telerobotics to promote discussion both on technical and applicative problems. It will also provide a test bed, available for all members of Technical Committee, in order to experiment and compare algorithms on a common platform. The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Control of Telerobotic Systems
  • Telepresence/Telexistence
  • Applications in industrial harsh environments, aerospace, surgery, entertainment, defense, etc.
  • Internet-based teleoperation
  • Devices and Technology


M. Cenk Cavusoglu
Case Western Reserve University, USA
e-mail: cavusoglu at


Katsunari Sato
Keio University, Japan
e-mail: katsunari.sato at

Dongjun Lee
Seoul National University, Korea
e-mail: djlee at

Jordi Artigas Esclusa
DLR, Germany
e-mail: jordi.artigas at

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Technical Committee on Telerobotics